Live a peaceful and pain-free life with chiropractic care

With 35 years of chiropractic and physical therapy, Zero Pain Clinic creates individualized treatment programs that go above and beyond your needs.

What Our Patients Say

Our patients trust us and feel part of the Zero Pain family.

“I decided to get a consultation with Dr. Dorit was because my neck was hurting so much that I couldn’t go on doing my regular activities. Just a few visits in, and I started feeling the difference. Aside from the treatment I was receiving, I also gained knowledge about the spinal cord and the importance of the posture for reducing pain.”
Chantell Hanford
"Since I had surgery on my left knee and started physical therapy at Zero Pain Clinic, I have improved immensely. Dr. Dorit has helped me beyond belief. I may not like some of the exercises, but they are for my benefit and I give it all to accomplish the goals that she has set for me. If you want to accomplish a healthy and good way of life, this is the place to be! Work with her and she will work with you to make it happen."
Brandon Eduard
"Dr. Dorit is amazing! You can tell from day 1 that she truly cares about each person that walks through her door. She has helped me so much in my lengthy recovery from back surgery! She is very no nonsense and wants to make you better, so show up and do the work. Zero Pain Clinic is the best - this place is great!"
John Conlon
"I have had shoulder and neck pain for years. I found out that I have no curve in my neck and my arm had no strength. It was difficult for me to raise my hand above my head. I had headaches daily and I took Tylenol almost every day. With chiropractic adjustments, my headaches are basically gone. The treatments I received at Zero Pain Clinic has taken me out of pain and given me a better quality of life."
Cheryl Sloan
"I had been suffering from migraine headaches most of my life. Medication will sometimes help, but I have to take it often and so I suffer from stomach pain because of this. My mother recommended me to try with Dr. Dorit chiropractic for my headaches. I don’t have any headaches now. In two weeks my pain was gone! I still go for an adjustment once a month to maintain my neck alignment to prevent further headaches."
Arely Rodriguez

Do not let pain hold you back

You have had some pain for a while. The pain may have been caused by an injury that you need to recover from – or you simply don’t know where the pain is coming from.

You’re tired of being in pain and having a limited range of motion. You may even feel afraid that you won’t be able to live a normal life again.

All you want is to get some relief.

It is possible to get your life back

We will work with you to make that happen. Together we will create a customized treatment that suits you based on your age, condition, lifestyle, and needs so that you can:

  • Feel better
  • Get pain relief
  • Return to work and have an improved quality of life
  • Move in ways you never experienced before
  • Learn how to take care of your body so you don’t have to get injured again
How We Can Help

Our Services

Specializing in what you need to recover from your injuries and feel better. From general pain to specialized conditions, we offer a variety of services that cater to your needs.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Keep your body functioning at its highest level. When your body is in alignment, it is able to perform as it was designed to.

Physical Therapy

Improve or restore your range of motion and mobility using a personalized rehabilitation program.


Help treat muscle and joint pain by influencing the body's natural pain killers known as endorphins and reduce inflammation.

Car Accidents

Help correct the significant body trauma and underlying injuries caused by car accidents.

Personal Injuries

There could be underlying injuries that a minor stiff neck is not allowing you to uncover.

Sports Injuries

Enable athletes to prevent injuries and reach peak performance by ensuring that the musculoskeletal system is working in harmony.

Worker's Compensation

If you've been injured on the job and we can help with underlying issues that potentially could be missed by medical doctors.

Weight Loss

Individualized nutritional programs for weight management and wellness. A consultation is the first step to start a healthier lifestyle.

Animal Chiropractic

An alternative, drugless method of animal health care that uses inherent recuperative powers of the body.

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Why Zero Pain Clinic?

We really care about our patients and we love what we do

We’ve been in business for 20 years and have 35 years of experience in chiropractic care and physical therapy.

We specialize in giving individualized care to each of our patients so they can life a peaceful and pain-free life.

When you join us, you become part of the Zero Pain family. We provide exceptional care by going above and beyond your needs.

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Welcome to Zero Pain Clinic

We are located in Oak Cliff at 2301 South Hampton Road # 550 in Dallas, Texas. For directions to our clinic, please click on the map.

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